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Unlocking performance: Why Mind Strength works
July 17, 2023

Mind Strength is a programme that builds resilience and unlocks high performance – to grow people and organisations. But before we dive into the reasons why Mind Strength works, let’s take a minute to understand what resilience is and why it’s so important for businesses to invest in a resilient workforce.

Redefining ‘Resilience’.

All too often when people consider resilience, there’s a stereotypical assumption that resilient people are simply ‘tough’ or ‘invincible’. And yes, resilient people withstand challenges and bounce back from setbacks better than less resilient people. But the benefits of resilience are much broader than many of us realise.

In fact, people with high levels of resilience are mentally agile, change-ready and consistently positive. This means they’re able to:

  • take conscious, balanced and decisive action in unpredictable circumstances
  • remain calm, collected and effective when the unexpected happens
  • understand and manage different perspectives with ease and openness
  • develop connected and collaborative relationships, despite inevitable issues
  • resolve challenges successfully, and often transform them into opportunities

Equally, the opposite of resilience isn’t simply ‘sensitive’ or ‘fragile’. The opposite of resilience is low morale, reduced engagement, ‘coasting’ behaviour, and lack of productivity. All of which have a huge detrimental effect on both personal wellbeing and performance at work. In fact, employees who aren’t engaged, or are actively disengaged, cost the globe a staggering $7.8 trillion in lost productivity.

Resilient people aren’t born, they’re built.

Another common misconception when it comes to resilience, is that people are either resilient – or they’re not. And while some people are naturally more resilient than others, it’s not an innate personality trait. Resilience is a skill. Everyone can learn to be more resilient – if only they knew how.  Indeed, so many of us are looking to build our resilience but don’t have access to the right tools.

Only 30% of employees feel resilient*

Which means 70% of employees don’t – and that’s a crying shame. But it’s also a huge opportunity. Because with Mind Strength, we can tap into the latent potential of that 70%, and accelerate the potential of that 30%.

You see, resilience is like a muscle. When you build it with the right exercises, it grows. Whether someone’s level of resilience is poor, adequate, good, or high – everyone can strengthen theirs.

The end result? You unlock higher performance. From increased productivity, engagement and confidence, to reduced stress, inefficiency and disconnection. It’s a win-win for employees and employers alike. But let’s face facts…

Most of us – 70% of us – don’t feel resilient.

It’s no-one’s fault. It’s simply due to the fact that so few of us have been taught how to build our resilience. Our minds become less efficient when we need them to work harder. Our thinking is foggy when we need clarity and quick decision making. We neglect our personal needs and prioritise working harder, because we think that pushing on is the best way to cope. But this doesn’t always work, and it takes a toll in the longer term.

What if we could learn techniques to change all that? What if we had the skills to think clearly in chaos, to remain present under pressure, and to stay in control when the unexpected happens? What if we understood how our brain works, so we could get the most out of it? Well, that’s the just kind of resilience Mind Strength is here to deliver.

The Mind Strength Effect 

With a mix of science-based tools and world-class coaching, Mind Strength delivers the skills you need to change how you think, feel and behave – unlocking resilience and driving high performance.

It’s not about toughening up, it’s about leveling up – with higher mental agility, more regulated emotions and transformed behaviours.

After Mind Strength, navigating change is no longer a stress, it’s a master skill. Managing emotions is no longer a reaction, it’s a conscious choice. Facing the unexpected isn’t a shock, it’s something you’ve proactively prepared for. Fulfilling your potential isn’t a hope, it’s a strategy. Doing hard things just becomes so much easier.

Here’s why Mind Strength works

It’s all about personal motivation

To create real, lasting behaviour change, Mind Strength connects people to their own motivations, so they can identify and prioritise the changes they’d like to make. The key here is; it’s not about what someone else wants them to change – or a generic goal for everyone. Individuals set wholly personal goals for the most impactful outcomes.

The process optimises change in a short time

The programme not only teaches transformational tools. The tools are also interspersed with behavioural application and reflection activities to ensure we go beyond theory into high levels of transformation.

Advanced tools made easy

The Mind Strength programme is built on science and psychology. There is a gradual build in psychology theory so people learn to understand how their brain works – and how to get the most out of it.

Skills that stick

The programme helps people build new skills in rewarding ways. This means the benefits of the programme last long after its completion. The skills we teach are like riding a bike – once you know how, you never forget.

It builds habits

As well as new skills, Mind Strength teaches people how to build new habitual behaviours. This habitual ease is a key part of unlocking high performance.

Flexible and accessible

The Mind Strength platform can be accessed at any time and can be done in short sprints or longer blocks. This enhances everyone’s chances of successful completion, despite a busy schedule.

Resilience isn’t just important, it’s business critical

In today’s uncertain world, complex change is a given. And resilience is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s an essential skill for people and businesses to prosper. Indeed, a resilient workforce will become the biggest competitive advantage for those who invest in it. In fact, organisations with highly engaged employees result in a 23% increase in profitability.*

From the culture you create to the talent you attract and retain, to your sales and profitability – high performance all boils down to one thing. Mind Strength.

We’re on a mission to grow people and organisations – by building resilience to unlock high performance. Our science-backed and psychology-based strategies are proven and measurable. To find out more, get in touch at greg@mindstrengthforbusiness.com