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Rosie’s Story: How improving her Mind Strength, improved everything
August 18, 2023

We could talk all day about the benefits of our tools, techniques and strategies. But there’s nothing like hearing it from someone like Rosie, who had no idea she could train her mind – and feel stronger in herself, at work and at home. Keep reading to find out how Mind Strength transformed her resilience during a major life transition.

“Returning to work after my first maternity leave was, by no exaggeration, a daunting experience. I was full of conflicted emotions – torn between missing my little boy, trying to recalibrate my brain, and savouring some re-found independence (and warm cups of tea). 

Fortunately, I have a brilliant manager who supported me through this major transition by enrolling me in Mind Strength.

In a nutshell, Mind Strength is training for your mind, much like going to the gym is training for your body. 

I got to learn about how my brain works and how to get the best from it, particularly through stresses, pressures and change. It really couldn’t have come at a better time.

Juggling my workload, a large team, and the demands of an intense phase in parenthood is not easy for anyone. But Mind Strength taught me a raft of ways to increase my resilience, align with my values, feel more in control and make better decisions. 

I can categorically say, my overall wellbeing has improved a lot. 

The beauty of the programme is that everyone gets different things from it, but for me personally, it was:

  1. Learning how to accept the things I couldn’t control
  2. Reframing my thinking to approach challenges with positivity
  3. Knowing how to protect and improve my wellbeing from day to day

Other than finding out I could literally train my mind and improve my wellbeing, I learnt the remarkable joy of ‘Giving to Others’, which is one of the ‘5 Ways of Wellbeing’. 

I must admit, when I read about it in one of the virtual learning modules, I couldn’t really see how helping someone else could help me. But I was curious to understand more. So on the next coaching call, we discussed the power of giving to others and it spurred me on to do some volunteering. 

An opportunity to help at a homeless shelter came up and I jumped at the chance. My role was to chat with whoever happened to come in that day, and show them around the shelter. The many benefits of Giving to Others is backed up by all kinds of research, but there’s nothing like discovering the effects for yourself. 

It goes to show that when you’re given the tools to strengthen your own mind, the positive effects go far beyond your own wellbeing.

Mind Strength has helped me navigate change, embrace uncertainty and find new joys in life. I can safely say I’m a better manager, a better mum – and I’d go as far as saying – I’m a better person for it, too.

We’re on a mission to grow people and organisations – by building resilience to unlock high performance. Our science-backed and psychology-based strategies are proven and measurable. To find out more, get in touch at greg@mindstrengthforbusiness.com